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The Minolta Electro Shot was Minolta's first rangefinder camera with CdS meter controlled exposure. An electronic circuit with 6 transistors and 3 diodes transforms the metered EV into appropriate control signals for the camera's electromagnetic shutter device. Thus a kind of exposure program delivers appropriate speed/aperture combinations. Control rings around the lens barrel are for distance and film speed setting, and a third one for switching from automatic mode to the guide number of the flash gun. Then aperture will be set appropriately for a flash exposure with shutter speed 1/25 sec., depending on distance and film speed setting.


  • Type: rangefinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Year of launch: 1965
  • Film type: 35mm with speeds 25 ASA to 400 ASA
  • Lens: Rokkor-QF 1:1.8 f=40mm with 6 elements
  • Shutter: Electromagnetic leaf shutter allowing speed/aperture combinations in a range from f1.8 1/16 sec. to f16 1/512 sec.
  • Meter: CdS photo resistor with window within the filter ring, controls automatic exposure
  • Flash: flash gun connectable on hot shoe, X/M flash synchronization of shutter at speed 1/25 sec., aperture coupled to distance control
  • Dimensions:139×79×67mm
  • Weight: 660 g


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