The Minimum-Palmos was a strut folding viewfinder camera with fast focal plane shutter. It was made by Zeiss-Palmos and introduced in 1904. Later made by Ica as continuation model. It uses the plate/sheet films with formats 4.5×6cm, 6.5×9cm, 6×9cm, 3¼×4¼inch, 9×12cm, 4×5inch and 13×18cm, 9×18cm (panorama), and for the stereo formats 9×12 and 9×18. Zeiss's f6.3 Tessars were the standard lens equipment. The cameras had a Newton type viewfinder. The focal plane shutter allowed speeds from 1/15 to 1/1000 sec.

format f/6.3 Tessar
6×9 112mm
9×12 150mm
4×5in 150mm
9×18 136mm
9×12 stereo 2× 84mm