The Kodak Mini-Instamatic S 30 is a "pocket camera" for type No. 110 film cassettes. It has a reverse Galilean bright frame viewfinder which has to be pulled out of one side of the little "camera brick". On the other side it has a carrying handle and a hot shoe for flashguns. A sliding door covers the lens when the viewfinder is pushed into the camera. The film advance shifter is located in the bottom. On top are the shutter release and the camera's means of exposure control, a selector to choose between 5 aperture/shutter-speed combinations. These are 1/40 f5.6, 1/80 f5.6, 1/80 f9, 1/80 f14 and 1/80 f22. Of course nearness exposures are only possible with the smaller apertures when the depth of field allows exposures in distances down to 1.3 metres. The lens is a Reomar f3.5/25mm.

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