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The brand Micronta most certainly belongs to the company Radio Shack, that used it for various electronic products. It was used for the following cameras:

  • 529517174_e4d6a8c0c3_t_d.jpg Micronta 35, a name variant of the Cosmo 35 made by Cosmo
  • 416257607_8c72bdbe68_t_d.jpg Micronta 35, a name variant of the Ranger 35 made by Nihon Seiki (the pictured camera is a Soligor 45, quite similar to the Ranger 35)
  • 222194888_acf27fa0ef_t_d.jpg Micronta 35X, a name variant of the Halina 35X made by Haking, itself a copy of the Ranger 35 (the pictured camera is a Halina 35X)
  • Micronta is also sometimes branding D-mount cine lenses made by Zeika

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