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An earlier model - very similar to the Ensign E29 - and also made by Houghton-Butcher used 129 film (2"X3"- 5X7.5cm)

The May Fair is a metal box camera made by Houghton Butcher in England, c.1930 - principally as an advertising premium[1]. There was also a folding May Fair.

It takes 6x9cm images on 120 film and is equipped with two Watson-type finders and a pull-out wire frame finder. Some sources list the camera as Ensign May Fair - or Mayfair - but the name Ensign does not appear on the camera except on the "This camera uses E.20 ENSIGN FILM obtainable everywhere" sticker inside.

The controls are limited to a T/I selector for the shutter and two unlabelled apertures set by a slider on the top. The lens is fixed-focus, but has an auxiliary lens for portraits which can be stored in a small compartment on the left side, near the front. The heavy body opens at the rear, and has a removable film spool carrier, which also holds the lens.

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