The Master Technika 3000 is as well a folding bed camera as a field camera for large format film sheets in special holders or Rollex medium format rollfilm backs.

The Master Technika classic is basically the same camera but with large anatomical grip, accessory multi-focus viewfinder, and option to use lensboard for helical focusing lenses with attached rangefinder device like a classical press camera.


  • Type: Dropbed field camera
  • Manufacturer: Linhof
  • Format: 4×5inch sheet film or 6x7cmm or 6x9 on rollfilm
  • Lens adapter: special Technika lensboards
  • Movements front standard: front Lens center tilt 30° fwd. and bkwd., Lens rise 55 mm, Lens standard shift 40 mm to either side
  • Movements Dropbed: adjustment 15°, 30°, 55° with click-stop
  • Movements back: Back Swing / tilts 20° in all directions
  • Bellows: triple extension, max. length Bellows max. 430 mm
  • Dimensions 18×18 x ×11cm, closed
  • Weight: 2550 g / 6 lb. without lens


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