The company that would become Masmy appeared in the early 1950s as Takagawa Kōki Seisakusho (高川光機製作所), based in Kamiikegami, Tokyo.[1] It made the Semi Masmy 4.5×6 folder from 1951, and the Masmy Flex 6×6 TLR from 1952.

By mid 1955, the company had renamed itself Masmy Kōki Seisaku K.K. (マスミー光機製作㈱), at the same address,[2] and was making a variety of camera accessories.

Camera list Edit

Other Edit

  • Masmirar reflex finder
  • Masmy Kin, 35mm film adapter for 120 film cameras, in various versions
  • Masmy sports finder (observed with 35/50/85/100/135mm frames and parallax correction):[3]
  • Boldapter,[6] Bolta film adapter for the Ricohflex, ¥280 in 1955[5]
  • Masmy film winder, rewind crank for Leica and Leica copies, ¥390 in 1955[5]
  • Masmy film spooler, for 35mm film, ¥320 in 1955[5]
  • Masmy freely moving flash shoe, ¥340 in 1955[5]
  • Masmy Fixer,[7] vice with tripod screws and accessory shoe, ¥480 in 1955[4][5]
  • Masmy snap holder, monopod-like holder with strap, ¥980 in 1955[4][5]
  • Masmy album cover, ¥20 in 1955[5]

Notes Edit

  1. Its address in 1953 was Tōkyō-to Ōta-ku Kamiikegami-chō 1091 (東京都大田区上池上町1091). Source: advertisement dated May 1953 reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.183.
  2. Table in the June 1955 special issue of Photo Art, p.156, and advertisements in the June and October 1955 special issues of the same magazine.
  3. Finder observed in an online auction.
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  6. Name inferred from the katakana ボルダプター.
  7. Name inferred from the katakana フィクサー.

Bibliography Edit

  • Asahi Camera (アサヒカメラ) editorial staff. Shōwa 10–40nen kōkoku ni miru kokusan kamera no rekishi (昭和10–40年広告にみる国産カメラの歴史, Japanese camera history as seen in advertisements, 1935–1965). Tokyo: Asahi Shinbunsha, 1994. ISBN 4-02-330312-7.
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