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Maruzen K.K. (丸善㈱) is a Japanese bookshop, founded in 1869, whose headquarters and main shop are in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.[1] It seems that the company also sold cameras, at least in the early postwar period, and it has been mentioned as one of the distributors of the Bikor-Flex.[2]

Notes Edit

  1. Maruzen in the Japanese Wikipedia.
  2. Distributed the Bikor-Flex: Kitano, p.49 of Kohga Gekkan June 1949.

Bibliography Edit

  • Kitano Kunio (北野邦雄). "Mittsu no kokusan ōtomāto" (三つの国産オートマート, Three Japanese Automat). In Kohga Gekkan vol.8 no.6, June 1949. Pp.48–53.

Links Edit

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