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Japanese pseudo TLR (edit)
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The Maruso Refe is a Japanese box camera taking 4.5×6cm exposures on 120 film, made around 1950 by Marusō Kōgaku.[1]

Description Edit

The Maruso Refe is a box shaped camera, and can be described as a box or a pseudo TLR. The body is made of sheet tin.[2] The advance knob is on the photographer's right hand. The release lever is to the right of the lens and there is a B and I (Bulb and Instant) selector on the left. There is a large brilliant finder at the top, and strap attachments on both sides of the body.

The lens is a fixed-focus meniscus, allowing pictures from 2m to infinity.[3] A close-up attachment was available for pictures at 60cm distance.[3] The lens plate is written Maruso Refe at the top and MADE IN JAPAN at the bottom.

History and documents Edit

The camera was featured as a new product in the October 1950 issue of Asahi Camera, reproduced below.[3] In this document, the camera is called "Semi Ref" (セミーレフ) and attributed to Marusō Kōgaku. The price was set as ¥850, with extra ¥100 for the close-up attachment. The camera was supplied to inns selected by the Japan Travel Bureau, where it was rented to the clients for ¥200 a day.[3][4][5]

Notes Edit

  1. Attribution to Marusō Kōgaku: column in Asahi Camera October 1950, p.120. The attribution to "Maruso Trading Co." in Sugiyama, item 4155, is certainly a confusion.
  2. Sheet metal: column in Asahi Camera October 1950, p.120. Tin: Sugiyama, item 4155.
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  5. Sugiyama, item 4155.

Bibliography Edit

Original documents Edit

  • Asahi Camera October 1950. "Shinseihin memo" (新製品, New products memo). P.120.

Recent sources Edit

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