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The Mamiya Ruby is a leaf-shutter fixed-lens rangefinder introduced by Mamiya starting in September 1959. It features a coupled selenium match-needle lightmeter. This model was offered initially with a Mamiya-Sekor T 48mm f/2.8 lens and later with a Mamiya-Sekor F 48mm F/1.9 lens. The shutter is a Copal SVK. The f/2.8 version was sold in the Unites States by Sears as the Tower 10A and the f/1.9 version as the Tower 18A.

Technical specifications Edit

  • Type: 35mm
  • Released: September 1959 (f/2.8) and May 1960 (f/1.9)
  • Original Price: ¥ 18,500 (f/2.8) and ¥ 22,800 (f/1.9)
  • Image size: 24 × 36mm
  • Lens:
    • Mamiya-Sekor T 48mm f/2.8 (3 elements in 3 groups)
    • Mamiya-Sekor F 48mm F/1.9 (6 elements in 4 groups)
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean viewfinder, automatic parallax correction
    • Focusing: Double image coincidence rangefinder
    • Magnification 0.66
    • Baseline length 31.5mm
    • Effective baseline length 20.8mm
  • Shutter: Copal SVK leaf shutter with self-timer, B + 1 - 1/500
  • Flash Sync: M · X contact (full sync) 
  • Film Advance: Lever (175 degrees)
  • Exposure Metering: Built-in selenium meter with coupled match needle (visible on top only)
  • Size and weight: 79 × 131 × 72mm · 680g (f/2.8) or 79 × 131 × 73mm · 774g (f/1.9)

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