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The Lord Martian fixed lens rangefinder camera[1] was made by Okaya Optical Works in 1959, featuring:

  • Rangefinder-coupled Okaya Optical Highkor 40mm / f1.8 lens, with 5 aperture blades
  • Seikosha SLV shutter with speeds B, 1sec to 1/500s, M and X flash synchronization and self timer.
  • Built-in selenium meter ring at front of the lens barrel and read at the top of camera, reading in Light Value scale.

The Lord Martian's primary innovation was the relocation of its meter from the body to the front of the lens, to more accurately meter light entering the lens. It was the first Japanese camera to have such a meter[2].

The Lord Martian was the last camera made by Okaya Optical Works.

Notes Edit

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  2. JCII/Lewis, ed. "The History of the Japanese Camera" p107.

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