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The original name of this camera is fisheye lomography camera. It is the first 35mm compact camera with a very-wide-angle lens (fisheye-lens) in the world. It is manufactured for the Lomographical Society International in Vienna, and is available as fun-camera through normal photo shops. It's not only a toy camera, it's a good cheap test camera for anyone who does not know if he or she really needs a super-wide-angle-SLR-lens. It's the optimal fisheye lens for those who don't really need one. For its price its fixed-focus lens does surprisingly well. For using the flash a cheap AA-battery will be needed.

Fisheye Camera Models Edit

  • Fisheye Camera - The default Fisheye camera. (black/silver)
  • Colette Fisheye Camera - The blackish Fisheye imprinted with Colette's official mascots. (Limited Edition)
  • Eastpack Fisheye Camera - Limited edition in red and black with Eastpack Logo.
  • Fisheye No 2 - The developed Fisheye camera with new looks & several advantages. Including Bulb shutter and hot shoe flash.

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