The Linhof Technorama 617S III is the latest version of the company's 6×17cm panoramic film camera. It has a 3:1 aspect ratio providing 4 exposures on 120 rollfilm, or 8 on 220 rollfilm. The camera is often used as a panorama and vertical-shot camera for extreme views in landscape, architecture, industry and creative imaging. Four Schneider interchangeable lenses XL 5.6/72, XL 5.6/90, 5.6/180 and the Tele-Arton S 5.6/250 mm are available. Using the 250 mm lens tele-panoramic shots are possible. For each lens a special finder is offered with built-in spirit-level and parallax compensation. The body is die-cast metal and designed to offer maximum film flatness for conventional rollfilm.

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