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The Linhof Technorama is a 6×17 cm rollfilm panoramic camera. It was briefly discontinued by Linhof with the introduction of the 612PC, as Linhof thought the 6×12 format was sufficient, but was brought back by popular demand and has since gone through two more revisions, the S II and S III. The camera provides sweeping panoramic views with a 3:1 aspect ratio providing 4 exposures on 120 rollfilm, or 8 on 220 rollfilm. The camera is widely used for panorama and vertical-shots in landscape, architecture, industry and creative imaging.

The standard lens is a Schneider Super Angulon 90 mm/5.6 with a between-lens shutter, utilizing a center filter to optimize light transmission across the broad film format. The camera is equipped with a bright-line optical finder with parallax correction frame lines. The camera body is made of die-cast metal and is designed to offer optimum film flatness with conventional rollfilm.

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