Levi, JosephEdit

Company NameEdit

J. Levi & Co. 1861 -
Joseph Levi 1858 - 1861

Company AddressEdit

97 Hatton Gdn. London 1895 -
40 Furnival St. London Before 1888 - 1895
2 Dyer's Bldgs. London Before 1888 - 1895
40 Castle St. London 1858 -

Established in 1858, merged into Houghtons Ltd in 1904. Patents issued to Levi & Co. were in the name of M.L. Isaacs, L.M. Isaacs and F.M. Isaacs. At the time of the Houghton merger the firm were major wholesalers especially for goods sold under their own brand names of Klito, Mascot and Leviathan.

A note in the 1892 BJP suggests that M.L. Isaacs had been running the company since 1876 and that Joseph Levi had recently died, that would also tie-in with a note from the same year concerning the firm of S.J. Levi.

Meyer Lewis Isaacs (d.1907). A photograph of L.M. Isaacs is contained in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

BJP 15/4/1892. p. 256. BJA, 1908, p. 556. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 147.
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