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An interchangeable lens camera can only accept lenses designed to work with it. The type of attachment of the lens onto the body is called the lens mount. Many camera systems use one of the more or less common proprietary or standard lens mounts.

Autofocus SLR, popular film/sensor formats Edit

APS/digital SLR Edit

35mm SLR/digital SLR Edit

Here is an alphabetical list of lens mounts for 35mm SLR cameras:

110 film SLR Edit

Manual focus SLREdit

35mm SLR Edit

35mm SLR, leaf shutter Edit

  • Topcon UV mount: Auto 100, Uni, Unirex

viewfinder cameras Edit

35mm rangefinder Edit

Here is an alphabetical list of lens mounts for 35mm rangefinder cameras:

35mm rangefinder, leaf shutter Edit

Mirrorless digital Edit

medium format Edit

120 SLR Edit

120 rangefinder Edit

small mount formats Edit

Links Edit

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