The Kowa 35N is a Japanese 35mm viewfinder camera, made by Kowa c.1960. It was also sold by Graflex as the Century 35A.

From a totally novice point of view, this is a lovely little camera. The quirkiest thing about it is the wind on mechanism, which is under the lens. Pull it down once to move the film on then pull again to arm the shutter. The viewfinder is coated in a gold colour from outside and looking through it shows the parallax frame. Shutter speeds are 300, 100, 50, 25 and B. Aperture is 3.6 to 16 and focus is in feet. Lens is a Kowa Prominar 45. I have yet to take photographs with the camera because the focus control had worked loose and needed fixing. Also, the aluminium surround on the focus control was damaged. The camera feels of the same quality as it's German contemporaries, meaning that in the event of it being no longer useful as a camera, it is heavy enough to use as a weapon.

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