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This is a point n' shoot superzoom 35mm film camera with quite a high specification; the top model of Konica's Z-up range.

The lens - shown fully extended on the right - ranges from 38mm to 150mm using the T/W lever exactly where your thumb would expect. The body has a nice champagne and matt black finish, the camera front is metal but the rest of the camera is obviously plastic.

Konica Z-up150 VP

Main SpecificationsEdit

  • Takes DX coded film, ISO 25-3200. Auto-loading and wind-on.
  • Lens has maximum aperture of F/5 at 38mm f/13.8 at 150mm. Sharpness should be good with 10 glass elements in 8 groups.
  • Lens cover is built-in and retracts on power up.
  • Shutter speeds: automatic from 1/320s to 1.5s.
  • Auto-exposure via CdS meter. Exposure range is EV4-EV16 at f/5.
  • Autofocus via infra red scanning. Focus-lock by the common half-click method.
  • Minimum focus distance is 80cm.
  • Small "real image" viewfinder that automatically zooms. Dioptre adjustment also present.
  • LCD indicating frame number, battery power and mode setting. (8 modes for flash and distance).
  • Flash is not very powerful and has an 8 seconds recharge time.
  • Self-timer.
  • Power source: 1x CR123A 3V battery (see image).


  • Konica Remote controller A: available as an optional extra.
  • Some models also have auto-date function and panorama setting.

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