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Konica X-20N AUTO flash

The Konica X-20N Auto flash made by Konishiroku has both auto and manual operation with a hot shoe and optional PC cord connection. Auto, Manual, on/flash off selector switch and a ready lamp/test button on back.


Konica X-20N Auto flash guide

  • Guide number:
ISO 100:
for meters 20
for feet 66
ISO 400:
for Meters 40
for feet 132
  • Automatic operation: 1~5m (4~17ft.)
ISO 100-f/4
ISO 200-f/5.6
ISO 400-f/8
  • Manual operation:
ISO 100:
8m, 26ft.-f/2.8
10m, 34ft.-f/2
ISO 200:
8m, 26ft. -f/4
10m, 34ft. -2.8
ISO 400
8m, 26ft. -f/5.6
10m, 34ft. -f/4 
  • Power source: Two 1.5V AA batteries
  • Flash duration: sec.
Automatic: 1/30,000-1/1,500
Manual: 1/1,500
  • Recycling time: 10sec. with alkaline batteries
  • Number of flashes: 130 with fresh batteries
  • Dimensions: 40 X 53 X 92mm (1-3/8 X 2 X 3-5/8in.)
  • Weight (without batteries): 115g (4oz.)


  • Synchro cord

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