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An eight megapixel, fixed-zoom-lens digicam.

Excellent manual controls, with buttons for just about everything. A manual focus ring and a manual zoom ring make for an excellent camera


  • 8MP resolution
  • Optical zoom of 7X --- 28-200mm.
  • Macro at 28mm and 200mm.
  • It has a tilting LCD 1.8", tilts 90 degrees up, 10 degrees down.
  • Electronic viewfinder (almost 1 megapixel) tilts 90 degrees up.
  • Can automatically or manually switch between two types of view
  • Flash hot shoe
  • Pop-up flash
  • Multi-channel wireless TTL flash
  • Wireless flash triggered by pop-up or hotshoe-mounted flash
  • Manual zoom and focus rings
  • Automatic focus switches to monochrome in low light for increased

focus range (due to higher contrast of monochrome versus color)

  • Optional spot focus point can be set for any point on CCD
  • Area, center-weighted and spot exposure (spot can be selected as

for focus

  • Uses compact flash cards to at least 4GB
  • JPEG, SuperFine JPEG, TIFF, RAW
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Optional battery grip (shown) houses 1 or 2 battery packs and adds

vertical shooting shutter release

  • Selectable LCD view --- exposure effect or "open aperture" perfect

for long exposures in dark conditions (or small aperture shots)

  • APO lens --- often reviewed as "tack sharp", "excellent"
  • Tripod socket centered on lens
  • CCD-based vibration reduction

This camera is a real breakthrough as it combines just about every desirable feature in a non-SLR camera. Many of the features are just now being introduced on SLRs, and in half-baked fashion.

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