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Konica Auto Winder F

The Konica Auto Winder F, used in conjunction with the Konica FC-1 or Konica FP-1, makes possible auto-loading and continuous shooting. The Auto Winder has an On/Off switch and can be turned off for manual film advance then turned back on when auto winder function is required.


  • Film advance speed: 1.5 frames per second (at shutter speed of 1/125)
  • Film rewind: Rewind is manual using the camera's rewind crank lever. Auto winder must be off and release button on bottom of auto winder is depressed.
  • Shutter speeds/auto winder compatibility: Including B (bulb), all shutter speeds are possible. (however B is a single shot frame without link up to the AE system).
  • Advance indicator: An LED lamp, located adjacent to the winders on/off switch, will illuminate when film is advancing and remains lit when the film roll is completely shot.
  • Auto-loading: Started by turning the Auto Winder's power switch ON.
  • Power source: Four AA alkaline batteries.
  • Battery life: Over 40-36exp. rolls at normal temperature.
  • Fastening: Attaches to bottom of camera via tripod socket, guide pin alignment at one end.
  • Contacts: A two pin terminal receives prompt from camera.
  • Drive: A spring loaded drive coupling connects to the camera's mating driven coupling.
  • Dimensions: 141 X 35.5 X 36mm (5.6 X 1.4 X 1.4in.)
  • Weight: Without batteries; 185g (6.5oz.)
  • Tripod mount: Standard on bottom of winder.

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