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Japanese medium-format VF and RF (edit)
6×9 Fujica G690/GL690 | Fujica GW690/GSW690 | Mamiya Press | Marshal Press
6×8 Fujica GW680/GSW680
6×7 Fujifilm GF670 | Fujica GM670 | Fujica GW670 | Koni-Omega | Koni-Omegaflex | Makina 67 | Mamiya 7| Bronica GS-1
6×6 Mamiya 6
4.5×6 Bronica RF645 | Fuji GA645 | Fujica GS645/GS645S/GS645W
Japanese medium format SLR and TLR ->
Other Japanese 6×6, 4.5×6, 3×4 and 4×4 ->

The Koni-Omegaflex was a TLR with exchangable lens board. Each lens board included a lens pair and a leaf shutter. The camera shot 6x7 cm negatives on 120 film or 220 film. Lens boards were available with f5.6/58mm, f3.5/90 mm, f3.5/135mm, or f4.5/180 mm lens pairs.

See here for the serial numbers which allow to date the production of the unit.

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