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The Kodak Six-20 Brownie Special was a sheet metal box camera made for 620 roll film by Kodak in the USA. Production ran from Sept 1938-Oct 1942 to a design by Walter Dorwin Teague. Initial price in the US was $4.00[1]. The Brownie Special was replaced by the Kodak Six-20 Flash Brownie - which was virtually the same camera with the addition of flash sync.

The trapezoidal body had a curved back, an optical viewfinder on top, and a fold-out foot on one side for standing the camera in portrait format. The shutter release had a locking collar set around it.

Images were 2¼x3¼ inches (6x9cm).

The lens was a fixed-aperture meniscus, with two focus settings, 5-10ft & 10ft-infinity. The shutter was single-speed (+T) rotary.

The Six-16 Brownie Special was a larger version, for 616 film.

  1.'s History of Kodak Cameras

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