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The Kodak Retinette 1A is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Kodak AG and produced between 1959-66. It was a development in the series of Retinettes.

The Retinette IA was produced in several versions:

Type 035 (early with VERO)Edit

  • Production time: February 1959 to October 1959
  • Produced: Serial number ranges: 50000 to 125719, 131812 to 135336
  • Lens: Reomar f:3.5/50mm
  • Shutter: Vero
  • Cold-shoe

Type 035 (late with PRONTO)Edit

035 pronto

Retinette IA type 035 late model w.Pronto shutter

  • Production time: October 1959 to February 1961
  • Produced: Serial number ranges: 126677 to 130479, 136165 to 255166
  • Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar f:3.5/50mm
  • Shutter: Pronto
  • Cold-shoe

Type 035/7 (French model)Edit


Retinette IA type 035/7

  • Production time: 1959 to 1961
  • Produced: Identified Serial number range: 50270 to 60995, 650405 to 662983
  • Shutter: Kodak Angen. OBK2

Type 042 Edit

Kodak Retinette IA 02
Kodak Retinette IA 03
Kodak Retinette IA 04

images by Süleyman Demir

  • Production time: January 1961 to February 1963
  • Produced: Serial number ranges:50001 to 233146,EK 800001 to EK 829669


  • Retinette IA is engraved with lowercases
  • Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar, three elements, 45mmf/2.8
    • Aperture: up to f/22, setting ring and scale on the lens-shutter barrel
    • Focus range: 1-10m +inf.
  • Focusing: front element focusing, calibrated scale with zone stops (1-2-3 dots from portrait to landscape), w/DOF scale
  • Shutter: Pronto leaf shutter, speeds: 1/30-1/250 +B, setting: scale and ring on the lens-shutter barrel
  • Cocking lever: rapid, also winds the film, double exposure prevention, on the right of the bottom plate
  • Shutter release: on the top plate, left, w/ cable release socket
  • Viewfinder: bright frame, w/ parallax correction frames
  • Frame counter: decreasing type, manual setting, window on right of the top plate
  • Re-wind knob: on the top plate, left
  • Re-wind release: a small knob, beside the cocking lever
  • Memory dial: coupled with the re-vind knob
  • Flash PC socket: on the front plate, all speeds with electronic flash, only 1/30 for bulbs
  • Self timer: lever on the lens-shutter barrel
  • Back cover: hinged, small opening buton on the bottom plate, left
  • Cold-shoe
  • Tripod screw 1/4"
  • Body: die cast aluminum alloy; Weight:
  • Serial no. on the top plate

Type 044Edit

Kodak Retinette IA (2) 03
Kodak Retinette IA (2) 02
Kodak Retinette IA (2) 04
Kodak Retinette IA (2) 05
  • Produced: January 1963 - 1966
  • Produced: Serial number ranges below:
  • 243638 to 419999 - P250S shutter
  • EK 830209 to EK 864999 - P250S shutter
  • 420000 to 547925 - P300S shutter
  • EK 865000 to EK 870997 - P300S shutter
  • Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar 1:2.8/45mm
  • Shutter: Prontor 250S (1/30-1/250 +B), then later Prontor 300S with speeds up to 1/300
  • Both with hot shoe
  • Retinette IA is engraved in uppercases
  • Serial no: on the hot-shoe
  • Focusing: front element focusing, gues the distance, also there are symbols for portrait, group and landscape on distance scale, w/DOF scale


In English:

In German:

In French :

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