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Retina Automatic III is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by Kodak AG and produced between 1961-63.

Specifications Edit

  • Small exposure meter -
  • Serial number ranges: 50005 to 62482, EK 800027 to EK 815346
  • Large exposure meter -
  • Serial number ranges: 150639 to 171529, EK 820126 to EK 848590
  • Lens: Schneider*Kreuznach Retina-Xenar f:2,8/45mm ( 4 element )
  • Shutter: Compur 1/30 1/60 1/250 1/500
  • Exposure: Shutter Priority Automatic + Manual
  • Meter: Gossen Selenium - Needle visible top housing window
  • Rangefinder
  • Viewfinder: Bright Line + parallax correction marks
  • Dimensions Width -125mm Height - 95mm Depth - 62mm

Retina Automatic models[1], [2]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown's p.524
  2. Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras p.141


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