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The model 100 was one of Kodak's first Instamatic camera released in the USA.

It used the 126 film (Kodapak) cartridge.

The button on the front released a pop-up flash holder for a single AG-1 peanut flashbulb. Elevating the flash holder changes the shutter to 1/40th of a second whether there is a flashbulb in the holder or not.



  • Type: viewfinder film camera
  • Manufacturer: Kodak
  • Production Dates: March 1963 - 1966
  • Film: 126 film cartridge
  • Lens: 43mm f/11
  • Image: nominal 26×26mm (hence 126), actual 29×28mm, masked to 26½×26½mm for printing
  • Shutter: mechanical leaf, 1/90 sec. and 1/40 sec. with flash popped up
  • Price: $100.98
  • Designer: Frank A. Zagara
  • Power: 2×AAA batteries for flash
  • Tripod Mount: none


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