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The DC120 Zoom is an early digital camera made by Kodak, introduced in 1997. Images could be stored on a small internal memory, or removable CompactFlash memory cards, and uploaded via a serial interface to a PC.


  • Type: Digital compact camera
  • Manufacturer: Kodak
  • Introduced: 1997
  • Max resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Display: 1.5 inch LCD
  • Sensor: 850 x 984 pixel CCD
  • Lens: Ektanar f2.5-3.8 (3x zoom, 35mm equivalent 38-114mm)
  • Power: 4xAA cells or external power supply
  • Lens mount has 37mm thread to mount Filters or Supplementary Lens via an adaptor.
  • Adaptor cable permits synchronisation of external flash via Serial Port.


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