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The Kodak Brownie Flash II, III and IV were box cameras, taking 2¼ × 3¼" exposures on type 620 film. Construction was of sheet metal, with plastic shutter-release button and advance knob; they were made by Kodak Ltd. in England from 1957-1960. They were improved versions of the Brownie Models C, D, E, and F.

The Flash II and III were black with a green-striped front panel; the Flash IV was brown with gilt-effect finish on the exposed metal parts and a light-coloured leather-effect covering on the body. It is very similar to the Flash B model, but adds a tripod bush and has differently-shaped close-up and filter sliders. The Flash II had a slider for close-ups and a tripod bush, the Flash III and IV had the close-up slider and added a yellow "cloud" filter, a cable release socket plus a shutter lock for long exposures.

Each was synchronised for flash with Kodak's screw-and-pin flash fitting on the opposite side to the controls.

Some 500,000 Flash II models were also made in Melbourne, Australia by Kodak Pty Ltd., between 1958 and 1963 - a country with a population of under 10.4 million in 1960[1].


  • Camera type: box camera
  • Manufacturer: Kodak Ltd., UK
  • Year of launch:
    • Flash II: 1956 (UK), 1958 (Aus)
    • Flash III: 1957
    • Flash IV: 1957
  • Withdrawn:
    • Flash II: 1959 (UK), 1963 (Aus)
    • Flash III: 1960
    • Flash IV: 1959;
  • Film: type 620 roll film
  • Lens/Shutter:
    • Flash II: Kodet with close-up lens
    • Flash III, IV: f/14 Kodet with close-up lens and yellow filter


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