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The Kodak Brownie 44A and 44B are viewfinder cameras made in the UK by Kodak Ltd. They are designed for twelve square 15/8x15/8inch (~4x4cm) images on 127 film.

The 44A has a fixed-focus lens with two apertures and a single-speed shutter; the 44B has a focusing lens and variable aperture (f8-f16) and shutter (1/60, 1//30 +B) and double-exposure prevention. Both are fitted for a screw-and-pin flash gun.

The body is mostly plastic, but with an alloy back plate and chromed end plates. The 44A features a plastic ever-ready case, which fits on to lugs in the base and folds over the front to clip over top plate. A more conventional leather case was available for the 44B.

The 44A & B were designed by Kenneth Grange, who also designed other Kodak cameras such as the Brownie Vecta.

The Kodak Autosnap is based on the same body.

Brownie 44A
  • Manufacturer: Kodak Ltd.
  • Manufactured: UK
  • Introduced: Sept 1959
  • Discontinued: 1965
  • Film size: 127, 12 4x4cm frames
  • Lens: Dakon, plastic with apertures for EV12 or EV13 (+ EV14 from 1964)
  • Shutter: Single speed ~1/40 sec
Brownie 44B
  • Manufacturer: Kodak Ltd.
  • Manufactured: UK
  • Introduced: May 1961
  • Discontinued: Sept 1963
  • Film size: 127, 12 4x4cm frames
  • Lens: Anaston 50mm f/8, glass, 3 apertures, focusing 3ft-infinity
  • Shutter: 1/30 and 1/60 sec + B

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