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Kodak Baby Brownie Special 02
Kodak Baby Brownie Special 04
Kodak Baby Brownie Special 08
Kodak Baby Brownie Special 06

images by Süleyman Demir

The Kodak Baby Brownie Special is a tiny Bakelite medium format film box camera made by Kodak in Rochester, NY, USA. It was produced between September 1938 and 1954. This was largely a replacement for the Kodak Baby Brownie, adding an optical viewfinder. Images were 4x6.5cm on 127 film.

The body was made in two halves, held together by a sliding latch either side for film loading; the front panel carried the shutter, lens and film transport, the back box just the viewfinder and red window. [1], [2]


  • Lens: meniscus lens f/11
  • Focus range: 5 feet to inf
  • Focusing: fixed focus
  • Shutter: rotary, one speeds, about 1/40
  • Cocking and Shutter release: by the same knob, on the left lower part of the front plate
  • Winding knob: on the right of the top
  • Viewfinder: reverse telescopic finder, remowable
  • Flash PC socket: none
  • Cold-shoe: none
  • Self-timer: none
  • Engraving on the back cover: Made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester
  • Tripod socket: none
  • Hand grip lugs
  • Body: bakelite; Weight: 180g
  • Serial no. none
  • came out in 1939
  • discontinued in 1954
  • lens: meniscus
  • Shutter: rotary
  • Price range:$30-$60

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown's p.478
  2. Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras p.110

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