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The Auto Colorsnap 35 was made between 1962 and 1964 by Kodak Ltd. in the UK. It is a 35mm viewfinder camera with auto-exposure. The body is based on a combination of the first Colorsnap 35 and the Autosnap.

The camera has the option of automatic exposure, or manual override using EV numbers, set on a dial on the top. The auto-exposure is controlled by a selenium meter, whose needle can be seen in a window between the meter cell and the viewfinder, and a trap-needle system setting the aperture. The shutter speed is set by an unusual film speed scale - with a gap in the middle, and so having two pointers - positioned around the lens. When there is too little light (as in the photo!) the meter needle moves into the viewfinder, giving a low-light warning. There may be only two shutter speeds.

The Anaston 43.9mm f5.6 lens focuses down to under 2.5 feet.

Flash is provided through Kodak's screw-and-pin flash mount.

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