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The Advantix F350 is part of the Kodak Advantix range of APS cameras, introduced by Kodak c.1999. It has a fixed-focus, fixed-aperture 24mm f6.4 Ektanar lens. The flash is raised and the lens uncovered when the camera is switched on. The shutter is controlled automatically, running from 1/60 - 1/250s. The only controls are the on-off switch, the shutter release, the APS format slider (at the back of the top plate, behind the flash), and mid-roll rewind and self-timer buttons. There is a very small, elliptic LCD panel on the top plate showing frame-count, battery status and self-timer indicator. The flash is fired automatically when needed, with no manual override. Power comes from a 3v CR2 battery fitted in the base.


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