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The Kiev 35A (Киев-35A) is a 35mm fixed-lens compact camera made in Ukraine by Arsenal between 1985 and 1991. An export version was also known as the Exxell Automatik. It is a close copy of the Minox 35 EL, with some slight differences (the Kiev has a multicoated 5-element Korsar 35mm 1:2.8 lens, versus the 4-element lens on the Minox, and lacks a battery check button). The front of the lens has a diameter of 31.5mm for push-on accessories. It has aperture priority automatic exposure controlling the shutter from 4s - 1/500s. The camera operates on one 6V PX27 battery, or a removable sleeve holds 4 button cell batteries instead.

The 35A was succeeded by a 35AM; this was only made in very small quantities[1].

The camera is known for its unreliability, light leaks and for many electronic flaws (like failure to open shutter).[2][3]

References Edit

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