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Kafu Seiko Co. was perhaps a Japanese lens maker. The name Kafu Seiko Co. appears on the lenses of the Topflex and Honestflex, name variants of the Vesterflex made by Ginrei Kōki. (This is certainly why the Honestflex is attributed to Kafu by Sugiyama.)[1] These markings also include a fake serial number, which seems to be 872728 in all cases, whether on the taking or on the viewing lens,[2] and the company name "Kafu Seiko Co." might be a fake too.

Notes Edit

  1. Sugiyama, item 4150.
  2. The marking is visible on the picture in Takasaki, p.67 of Kurashikku Kamera Senka no.49.

Bibliography Edit

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