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The JEM JR. is a box camera taking 2¼×3¼-inch (6x9cm) images on 120 film. It was made - mostly of sheet metal - by the J.E. Mergott co. of Newark, New Jersey, USA, c.1940s.

There were two basic models, one with flash sync, and another without sync. Some sync models illustrate the flash sync with two lightning bolts, and some sync models do not have lightning bolts. Most Jem Jr. cameras have black faceplates with embossed silver decoration (as shown here), although some have flat silver faceplates with black printing. There were also two Girl Scout models; one with a flat silver faceplate, and one green camera with the embossed faceplate. Both Girl Scout models have the Girl Scout insignia below the lens.
The only image adjustment is a T/I shutter control, set centrally on the top.


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