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The Ilford Sportsman C Instant was a viewfinder camera for type No. 126 "Kodapak" cassette film. It was made by Dacora in West Germany for Ilford, a rebadged Instacora-F2 126. The specialty of this camera is its non-focusable "Ciba Ilford Color Subitar" lens, with the name part Ciba. The camera was made around 1967, when Ilford was owned by the Swiss Ciba-Geigy group.

The camera has an optical bright-frame viewfinder, a symbol scale on the lens tube for setting shutter speed for sunny or cloudy conditions (1/90 or 1/30 sec.) , a flashcube socket, and a shutter release beside the lens tube like it was common in the 1960s. For flash firing it needed a 15V B154 battery.

Ilford-Sportsman-C-Instant-126 1

Ilford Sportsman C Instant 126 with Color Subitar DACORA Kamerawerk lens. This version of the lens is rare. More common is the CIBA ILFORD Color-Subitar lens.


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