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Ichikawaya (市川屋) was a Japanese distributor between the two World Wars, based in Tokyo, Kanda.[1]

In 1921, in addition to a number of imported cameras, it was offering the Lily No.2 by Rokuoh-sha and a kabine-size field camera.[2] This field camera has double extension bellows and various movements, and was supplied with a Thornton-type shutter, a tripod and a cloth sack. The choice of lenses was as follows:

At some time, the company reportedly distributed the Venis plate folder. It was still active in 1932, trading new and used cameras.[3]

Notes Edit

  1. Its address was Kanda-ku Awaji-chō-dōri (神田区淡路町通り). Source: advertisements in Ars Camera September 1921 and Asahi Camera June 1932 (p.A29).
  2. Advertisement in Ars Camera September 1921.
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Bibliography Edit

  • Ars Camera. Advertisement by Ichikawaya in September 1921. No page number.
  • Asahi Camera. Advertisement by Ichikawaya Honten in June 1932 (p.A29).

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