This camera was built in 1906. It was made for glass plates 4,5 x 6cm. It allowed lens board movements.

  • Lens: Triotar 1:3,5/7,5cm

Later(?) versionEdit

This version is a strut folder, apparently without lens movements. There were two sizes, each with a Compur shutter with speeds from 1s to 1/250:

  • A for 4.5x6cm (1¾ x 23/8; inch) images, with Tessar 3-inch f4.5 lens
  • B for 6.5x9cm (2½ x 3½ inch) images, with Tessar 4-inch f4.5 lens (Page 39, "ICA Cameras" leaflet on Mike Butkus' site)


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