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The Hunter 35 is a small, cheap 35mm viewfinder camera from c.1957, made in Germany for British distributor R. F. Hunter. It seems to be a "relative" of the Ideal Color 35; the case for the illustrated example is marked (and spelled) thus, and the body construction is similar. Both were designed by Josef Helmut Danzer. The Hunter 35 is a name variant of the Steinette, Brelland and Reporter - all made by Steiner[1].

The winder is a knob with small satellite nodules, rotating 180° for each frame; used with the thumb, this works almost as well as a lever wind. There is no sprocket, the film is advanced purely by gripping on the take-up spool, and is spaced just by the rotation (and so frame spacing varies a little depending on how much film is on the spool). The exposure counter is positioned around the outside of the winding knob.

The base removes for loading; to load the film, the end is pushed into a slot on the take-up spool, then both spool and cassette put into the camera, carefully guiding the film in front of the pressure plate.

The back has a weather symbol exposure table for various film speeds.

A variant called the Hunter 35 R was similar, but with an added uncoupled rangefinder.

  1. McKeown pp.903, 410; however, McKeown says the Steinette is metal inside (the Hunter 35 seems not to be), and lists a slower (1/100) shutter.

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