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The Hope (ホープ) are Japanese 6.5×9cm plate folders, made by Ōhashi Kōki Seisakusho and distributed by Ōhashi Takeji Shōten around 1935.

Metal model Edit

The Hope has a metal body and double extension bellows. Versions with an f/6.3 and an f/4.5 lens were reportedly advertised in the December 1935 issue of Photo Times.[1]

An undated leaflet by Ōhashi (reproduced in this page) offers a single version called Hope Improved B (ホープ改良B型) with a Genira Special f/6.8 lens and a Genira shutter giving 25, 50, 100, T, B speeds. The price is indicated as ¥15, including three metal holders, one film pack holder and a cable release. However, the advertising picture shows a different version, with a Rulex shutter by Neumann & Heilemann and a lens probably wider than f/6.8. The pictured camera has a brilliant finder on the lens standard and a wireframe finder.

Wooden model Edit

One example of a plate folder with a wooden body has been reported as a 6.5×9cm Hope in this page at Asacame. It looks much earlier than the metal model. It has a simple front standard made of two poles attached to a transversal plate at the bottom, allowing horizontal and vertical movements. This front standard moves on a central focusing rail, with a small focusing wheel on the photographer's right and a distance scale on the left. There is a cubic-shape brilliant finder at the top of the left-hand pole. The shutter is a dial-set Vario giving 25, 50, 100, B, T speeds. The lens is a Rodenstock-Periskop f/11, perhaps having 12.0cm or 13.0cm focal length, as appears on the lens rim; however the camera is reported as having a Deltas Anastigmat f/6.8. There is a possibility that the picture and description are mismatched, and that the camera is not a Hope.

Bibliography Edit

The Hope is not listed in Sugiyama.

Links Edit

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