The Hitachi HDC-751E is a 7.0 Megapixel Point And Shoot camera. Its a rather basic camera with no manual controls except for an EV control, Its ASA range goes from 64-200 making it useless for night-time shooting. It has Landscape and macro Focus Options. There's also a menu option on the mode dial and a menu that can be accessed during shooting.

Video Mode

The HDC-751E records its video in 320x240 res, The zoom is deactivated during video shooting and the video quality is poor, Coupled with the lack of a mic-in socket, This camera is not good for video shooting.

Photo Quality

In the traditional shooting modes, The photo's aren't that bad, Unless something is moving really fast, The HDC-751E's photos are rather sharp when correctly exposed. The 3x "Super" Zoom lens is also useful, But the focal length doesn't make it wide or telephoto, There is a digital zoom option but use at your own risk. A tripod is recommended for zoomed in photos due to the dark aperture and low shutter speed.

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