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Japanese subminiature
on paper-backed roll film and round film (edit)
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The Hit is a subminiature camera taking 14×14mm exposures on 17.5mm film, based by the Tougodo company based in Toyohashi. It met a large success, and its name became widely used to designate a whole category of cameras, the Hit-type cameras.

Tougodo's original Hit Edit

The original Hit has an f/11 lens, an everset shutter with release lever at the lens tube, and an advance knob that can't be turned into the wrong direction. Its production started in the years when Japanese cameras were marked "Made in Occupied Japan" (1947-1951), probably in 1950. The earliest have a 30mm lens and just instant mode. Later models have also B mode and a mode switch lever at the lens tube, opposite to the shutter release. Some examples were made with a simple exposure counter at the base of the advance knob.[1]

Redesigned Hit models Edit

Redesigned models were made by Tougodo under the name Hit. One of these is a name variant of the Baby-Max, and the Hit-II is an adaptation of the Toyoca 16 (see the corresponding pages).

Notes Edit

  1. Exposure counter: see this page at

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