Camera industry in Görlitz
Paul Dittrich & Co.
Curt Bentzin | Herbst & Firl | Meyer
Mlitz & Krügler | Robert Reinsch
Neue Görlitzer Kamerawerke

Centralmagazin für Photographenbedarf - Fabrik für photographische Apparate Ernst Herbst & Firl was a camera maker in Görlitz, Germany. It made the Globus series of Reisekameras and other view cameras. It was founded in 1893 by master joiner Ernst Herbst and salesman Heinrich Firl in Görlitz. In 1899 it was taken over by Ernemann. The Globus camera series was continued until 1919.



  • Globus B
  • Globus K Serie II

Home camerasEdit

Studio camerasEdit

  • Globus K


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