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Welcome to the Camerapedia's Help Portal.

NOTE TO NEW EDITORS - Please be aware that when Wikia took over the Camerapedia name from us in 2011, the camerapedia community moved to a new website at, where our work to build the world's most complete online camera encyclopedia continues. This site ( is largely abandoned except for a few of us who stick around to remove photos that are being used without our permission. Anyone wishing to help expand and continue the camera encyclopedia, is always welcome to join us over at the new site.

First please be sure to follow our copyright rules when adding content to Camerapedia.

You can begin by browsing the site and making changes to the current pages. You can practice in the Sandbox. If you have questions about the markup syntax, you can read our Help:Tips and tricks, have a look at the external links at the bottom of this page or ask for help in Camerapedia's main discussion page, or in Camerapedia's Google Group (mailing list).

If you want to write a new article, you are advised to read the quality standards first. Don't forget to cite your sources and to index your page in the category tree. And maybe you will want to add an image.

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These external links pointing to the English Wikipedia project, but their content broadly applies to Camerapedia too:

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