The Amphibian from Hanimex was a large bulky 35mm film camera designed to be used either underwater or on dry land. It was manufactured in Japan, apparently as a cheap alternative to Nikon's Nikonos. It was thoroughly sealed with tough plastic and a water-tight housing of the electronics. The camera offered control of the aperture size, but did not have aperture priority automatic exposure. Instead, warning lights indicated over- or under-exposure, as a reminder to change the aperture setting manually, or to use flash. It had over-sized controls, a large viewfinder, and was bright orange in colour.


  • Lens: 35mm f/2.8.
  • Focus: Manually controlled by estimating the distance from 1m to infinity.
  • Viewfinder: Large, but no parallax reminders or focus point.
  • Film speed: 64, 100 or 400 ISO.
  • Integrated flash: Only 3m range at 100 ISO on land.
  • Cold accessory shoe for sports finder.
  • Tripod socket.

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