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The Halina Simplette was a range of 126 cartridge cameras made by Haking in Hong Kong. All seem to have had a similar metal chassis and the same lens/shutter.

The Halina Simplette Electric had a built-in light meter and flashgun, and has own page.

The Halina Simplette F had a built-in flashgun for flashbulbs, mounted horizontally - built in to the front, with a lifting door.

The Halina Simplette FC was equipped for flashcubes - with the rotating socket on the left end of the top plate.

There is also an automatic-exposure version, the Halina Simplette EE; this has a large selenium meter window above the lens, displacing the viewfinder to the users left, where the F and FC models have central finders.

  • Lens: f6.3 Halina Achromat; 3 or 4 aperture stops marked with weather symbols; marked for zone focus.
  • Shutter: fixed speed

The Simplettes seem to have been rebadged and sold under other names.

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