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W. Haking Enterprises Ltd. is a camera and binocular maker based in Hong Kong (China). It was founded by Dr. Haking Wong (1906-1996) and Dr. Pauline Chan in 1956. In 2002 the company was taken over by Dr. Tony Chak-Leung Tai & Dr. Tai-Chin Lo and built a new factory in Xinhui (Guangdong).

Its camera products of the brands Halina and Ansco are distributed nowadays in the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Africa by a company named Halina Imaging, that belongs to the British photographic distribution company SPS Logistics.

Older cameras of Haking are marked as "Empire made" : 222194885_de0db67620_t.jpg

35mm film cameras Edit

SLR Edit

  • Haking L80

Viewfinder, manual focus Edit

Fixed or auto-focus Edit

  • Haking MW 35 AF (aka Carena Motor AF/F)
  • Halina 150 (has hot-shoe; available in bright red)
  • Halina 160
  • Halina 260 (has built-in flash; available in bright red)
  • Halina 1000
  • Halina 1600
  • Halina 1610 Motor (34mm f/4.5 fixed focus; integrated flash; available in bright blue)
  • Halina AF810
  • Halina AF Sensor
  • Halina/Ansco Easy Vision series (Motor S, Mini S, Smart S)
  • Halina F700
  • Halina Flash 350
  • Halina MW35 G (fixed focus 38mm)
  • Halina Panorama
  • Halina Panorama-F
  • Halina Pix 35F
  • Halina Vision series (II, III, 20-20, Cxas, MAF, Snapz, XF Easy Load, XM, XMS)
  • Halina Ansco Vision Compact 35 / Vision 3 DX
  • Halina Micro 35
  • Halina Ansco Silhouette Zoom
  • Haking Flash VB/2
  • Ansco 1065 (35mm w/fixed focus 48mm f:8 lens)
  • Ansco Tegra
  • Ansco Vision Twin Lens (110)
  • Halina Prestige 280S (fixed focus 28mm)
  • Halina Tegra Zoom 200

126 film cameras Edit

Disc film cameras Edit

110 film cameras Edit

APS film cameras Edit

127 film cameras Edit

The Haco-44, name variant of the Toyoca-44 made by Tougodo, is sometimes attributed to Haking by mistake.[1]

120 film cameras Edit

6×6 TLR Edit

Viewfinder Edit

Digital cameras Edit

  • Halina digital camera
  • Halina DVC 300 Digi Pix
  • Halina DVC 500 Digi Pix

Super 8 movie film cameras Edit

  • Halina Super 8 Empire
  • Halina Super Eight

Camcorder Edit

  • Halina DV3000F Digi Pix

Notes Edit

  1. Haco by Haking: this page at, this page at photographica-world.

Links Edit

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In French:

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