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Japanese plate SLR cameras (edit)
atom (4.5×6cm) Simplex Reflex | Speed Reflex
meishi (5.5×8cm) Speed Reflex
daimeishi (6.5×9cm) Convex Reflex | Hogo Reflex | Idea Reflex (1932) | Neat Reflex | Simplex Reflex | Speed Reflex
tefuda (8×10.5cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911) | Idea Reflex (1932) | Neat Reflex | Photo Deluxe Reflex | Speed Reflex
nimaigake (8×12cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911) | Sakura Reflex Prano
kabine (12×16.5cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911)
daikabine (13×18cm) Guaranteed Reflex
unknown Hardflex | Leinflex | Photoman Special Reflex
Japanese plate film: monocular, box, folding bed and strut-folding ->
3×4 and 4×4, 4×5 and 4×6.5, 4.5×6, 6×6 and 6×9 ->

The Guaranteed Reflex is a Japanese SLR camera taking 13×18cm plates. It is only known from one single example, pictured in Sugiyama.[1]

The camera has a cubic body, with a soft viewing hood at the top. The lens is directly attached to the front plate and is covered by a square plate hinged at the top. It is reported as an f/8 doublet, with an aperture scale reportedly going to f/32.[2] It seems that the focus is not adjustable, detracting much of the interest of the SLR construction. The name GUARANTEED is inscribed on a small nameplate attached below the lens. The full name "Guaranteed Reflex" is hypothetical only.

The camera reportedly has a mirror shutter, with B and I settings. Some controls are visible on the right-hand side of the body, certainly including the release lever and the B and I switching lever.

Notes Edit

  1. Sugiyama, item 2009.
  2. F/8 doublet, aperture to f/32: Sugiyama, item 2009.

Bibliography Edit

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