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Goldeck is a range of similar viewfinder cameras taking 6x6cm frames on 120 film, made by Goldammer in Germany from c.1958. The main difference between the models seems to be the lens and shutter combination. Most have a rigid body with telescoping lens tube.

There was also a Goldeck 16 range of subminiature cameras.

Goldeck 6x6 CamerasEdit

  • Goldeck 6x6
  • Goldeck I (Steiner f2.9 lens in Prontor SVS shutter)
  • Goldeck II (Steiner f2.9 lens in Pronto shutter)
  • Goldeck III (Steiner f3.5 lens in Vario shutter)
  • Goldeck IV (Steiner f4.5 lens in Vario shutter)
  • Goldeck V (top release version: Gugomat f7.7 lens in Acro shutter; front release version: rebadged Goldixette)
  • Goldeck VI (Gugomat f8 lens in Acro shutter)

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