The Goko HMB-135/240 is described by the company as the "Smallest, Simplest Macro Camera System". The manual for it states that the following functions are preset for the user: Focusing - Distance - Aperture - Shutter speed.

  • HMB-135 - Is the 35mm film version
  • HMB-240 - Is the APS film version


  • The camera body is shutterless, and has a proprietary bayonet mount for several different "Front Macro Attachments". These consist of a lens that is surrounded on either side by a flash unit.
  • The HMB-135 can use any of the following three Macro attachment units:
  • HML-10 - 1:1 Magnification
  • HML-20 - 2:1 Magnification
  • HML-40 - 4:1 Magnification


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